Top Rope Productions Title Histories
Top Rope Productions Title Histories including lineages dating back to 1983 from Trans World Wrestling Federation, Top Rope Wrestling and World Xtreme Wrestling:  compiled by Eric Shaffer, WXW employee. Special thanks to Mark Clemson, Sammy C, Ben Ziek, John Lazarsky and Doc Daniels.

(Jules Strongbow identified as TWWF Champion in 1983, possibly a carryover from his Pro Star Championship  Wrestling Title victory over DC Drake..... lineage unknown until 1997.  Yukon Jack also was a former TWWF Heavyweight Champion, but dates are unknown, possibly 1991.)
       1997: Bam Bam Bigelow is listed as Top Rope Heavyweight Champion in Top Rope Wrestling
                Magazines.  (unsure when Bigelow's title reign began, but he was not billed as Champion
               as of 10/26/96)
  8/16/97: Hungarian Barbarian & Jack Hammer battle for #1 contender to Heavyweight Title. No contest
12/20/97: Hungarian Barbarian is identified as newly crowned Top Rope World Heavyweight Champion,
              possibly having beaten Mad Russian.
1/10/98: Jak Molsonn beats Hungarian Barbarian, Freeland, PA
4/09/98: Jake Molsonn beats Jak Molsonn (weapons match), Hazleton, PA
8/27/98: John Rambo pins Jake Molsonn (ladder match), Harrisburg, PA
*(Between the 11/7/98 and 11/28/98 shows, Top Rope created WXW and Title lineage contined)

3/??/99: Rambo is stripped of title after failing to defend in 30 day period (last Documented match                           2/6/99).
4/24/99: Top Contenders match: Samu defeats Mad Russian to become WXW Champion,
              Mountainville, PA
9/18/99: Hungarian Barbarian beats Samu, Hazleton, PA
10/06/99: Jake Daniels (formerly Molsonn) pins Hungarian Barbarian, Hazleton, PA
10/30/99: Jak Molsonn beats Oxx Hogg (substituting for Jake Daniels) & Hungarian Barbarian in 3way,
1/14/00: Chicago Heat pins Jak Molsonn, Plymouth, PA
1/22/00: Jak Molsonn pins Chicago Heat, Hazleton, PA
2/19/00: Sugaa beats Jak Molsonn, Inferno Kid & LA Smooth in 4way ladder match, Hazleton, PA
6/02/00: Showtime Shane Black beats Sugaa to unify Cruiserweight & Heavyweight Titles, Hazleton,
            PA.  Both Titles are held up after reviewing controversial ending. Black is officially recognized as
            a former champion.
6/03/00: Sugaa beats Showtime Shane Black for Unified Cruiserweight & Heavyweight Titles,
             Allentown, PA
7/06/00: Sugaa remains Heavyweight Champion (but relinquishes Cruiserweight Title due to exceeding
             weight limit)
9/16/00: Salvatore Bellomo beats Sugaa & Hungarian Barbarian in a 3way match, Hazleton, PA
1/09/01: Samu pins Salvatore Bellomo, Allentown, PA (TV Taping, air date 1/14/00)
5/27/01: Dylan Dean pins Samu, Allentown, PA (Samu & Afa Jr had beaten Low Ki & Mana the
            Polynesian Warrior,  and Samu was granted a match with Dylan as a result. Interference by
            Metal Maniac led to the title change).
6/17/01: Dylan Dean hands the title to Metal Maniac, Allentown, PA (Dead Man Walking TV Taping)
6/17/01: Samu pins Metal Maniac to regain the title, Allentown, PA (Dead Man Walking TV Taping)
10/21/01: Commissioner Lotto Money returns the title to Dylan Dean, since he never was pinned by Samu
             to lose it. Samu pins Dylan Dean to regain the title, Allentown, PA (Halloween Madness TV
3/02/02:  Sugaa pins Samu in a fans bring weapons match, Hazleton, PA
6/22/02:  Samoan Storm Afa Jr pins Sugaa in a no DQ match, Hazleton, PA
7/11/03:   Afa Jr vacates title to pursue collegiate interests, Allentown, PA
7/11/03:   X-Treme Billy Dream wins Heavyweight Title in battle royal, Allentown, PA
10/19/03:  Gene Snisky beats Billy Dream in last man standing match, Sciota, PA
  3/28/04: Mana the Polynesian Warrior beats Gene Snisky, Mountainville, PA
  5/29/04:  Rapid Fire Maldonado beats Mana, Sciota, PA
  7/09/04:  Mana the Polynesian Warrior beats Rapid Fire Maldonado, Allentown, PA (Sportsfest 2004)
10/29/04:  Sinister X defeated Mana and LA Smooth in a three-way match, Sciota, PA
11/26/04: Jeff "The Future" Coleman defeated Sinister X, Sciota, PA
  2/20/05: Jeff Coleman is forced to vacate title due to not defending within 30 days due to injury
  2/27/05: Johnny âBisonâ? Bravado wins a whirlwind match to determine new Champion, Allentown, PA.
  5/29/05: Rockin Rebel beats Bison Bravado, Bushkill, PA
  7/08/05: Bison Bravado beats Rockin Rebel, Allentown, PA


1989 (?): Chief Dave Foxx beat Hot Shot Savage, somewhere in New England before Afa the Wild Samoan moved to PA.

Billy Kidman (dates unknown) beat Johnny Rebel.  (Kidman says he doesn't remember ever
losing the belt)

  5/24/97: Tommy Idol beat Bodacious Pretty Boy in TOP ROPE Cruiserweight Title tournament
             final, Hazleton, PA
7/12/97: Perfect Creation beat Tommy Idol, Nescopeck, PA
9/19/97: Tommy Idol beat Perfect Creation, Hazleton, PA
10/25/97: Tommy Idol forfeits title due to injury (broke arm in 9/19/97 title victory).
11/07/97: Perfect Creation wins Cruiserweight Title Tournament, Bushkill, NY.
12/20/97: Little Running Bear over Perfect Creation, Hazleton, PA
1/10/98: Perfect Creation over Little Running Bear, Freeland, PA
2/27/98: Little Running Bear over Perfect Creation, Hazleton, PA
4/25/98: Awol beats Little Running Bear, Hazleton, PA
6/06/98: Bas Von Kunder pins Awol, Hazleton, PA
7/11/98: It was announced that Bas Von Kunder was deported two weeks ago and stripped of
             the title.
*(Between the 11/7/98 and 11/28/98 shows, TOP ROPE became WXW)

1/??/99: Kale beats Awol in tournament final for the WXW Cruiserweight Title, Hazleton, PA
6/12/99: Shooter John Balsamo beats Kale & Tommy Suede (who was pinned) in 3way match,                        Hazleton, PA
7/11/99: Kale beats Balsamo, Allentown, PA (Sportsfest)
9/17/99: Samoan Storm Afa Jr beats Kale, Allentown, PA.
11/27/99: Samoan Storm surrenders title due to exceeding weight limitations
12/11/99: Zero Gravity Mason Cage wins Cruiserweight Title Tournament, Hazleton, PA
1/14/00: Showtime Shane Black (formerly Kale) beats Zero Gravity (ladder match), Plymouth, PA
2/19/00: Zero Gravity over Shane Black, Hazleton, PA
3/03/00: belt is voluntarily surrendered, to be determined in best of 3 match series between
             Black & Zero Gravity: The Excalibur Challenge
3/03/00: Shane Black beats Zero in Match #1 of Excalibur Challenge (cage match)
3/24/00: Zero beats Shane Black in Match #2 of Excalibur Challenge (submission match)
5/06/00: Shane Black beats Zero in Match #3 of Excalibur Challenge (skyline match: off the top finisher)
                to win Cruiserweight Title, Hazleton, PA
6/02/00: Shane Black beats Sugaa to unify Cruiserweight & Heavyweight Titles,
             Hazleton, PA.  Titles are held up due to controversial ending of match
6/03/00: Sugaa wins the Unified Titles over Showtime Shane Black, Allentown, PA
7/06/00: Sugaa relinquishes Cruiserweight Title for exceeding weight limit, Hazleton, PA
7/06/00: Mr. Sports Entertainment Supreme Lee Great beats Thorn, Zero Gravity & Cody Cash in                    4way to become New Cruiserweight Champion, Hazleton, PA
9/08/00: Zero Gravity beats Supreme Lee Great, Allentown, PA
1/09/01: Low Ki beats Zero Gravity, Allentown, PA (TV Taping, air date 1/14/00)
4/08/01: Afa Jr pins Low Ki, Allentown, PA (Hell's Fury TV Taping)
5/27/01: Afa Jr is stripped of title due to exceeding weight limit (Memorial Madness TV Taping,                               Allentown,PA)
7/13/01: Showtime Shane Black beats Minoru Fujita & Little Guido for vacant title (Sportsfest 4                              Allentown, PA)
10/13/01: Big Poppa Pete pins Showtime Shane Black, but was 5 pounds over the weight limit, Title    
             returned to Shane.
2/16/02:  In Shane Black's absence due to injuries suffered in an attack outside the arena before a TV
            Taping, Commissioner Lotto Money signs Supreme Lee Great vs. Suede. Suede pins Great,
6/01/02:  Zero Gravity beats Tommy Suede, Hazleton, PA (TV continuity shows this at a later date).
11/24/02:  Bodacious Pretty Boy pins Zero Gravity, Allentown, PA
  2/8/03: Don Crisis wins battle royal for vacant Cruiserweight Title, Hazleton, PA
  6/1/03:  Supreme Lee Great pins Don Crisis for Title, Hazleton, PA
10/11/03: J-Busta pins Supreme Lee Great, Hazleton, PA
  3/06/04: Prodigy pins J-Busta, Bushkill, PA
  7/09/04: Low Ryda pins Prodigy, Allentown, PA (Sportsfest 2004)
10/30/04: Drew Blood wins Title in Whirlwind Match, last eliminating Low Ryda, Bushkill, PA
  4/03/05: Sabian pins Drew Blood, Allentown, PA
  5/29/05: Drew Blood beats Sabian & Neeno Capone (ladder match) to regain title, Bushkill, PA

(1994: Chris Kanyon & JS Storm won Northeastern Wrestling Tag Team Titles from Tony Stetson & Glen Osbourne but the belts were never defended.  (PWI 5/95 has Arena Report from Lebanon, PA with this card)).

8/31/96:   Sweet Daddy Jay Love is introduced as ½ of the Tag Team Champions. (earliest
              documented title holder.  Belts are later vacated, due to Sweet Daddy Jay Love's original
              partner leaving Top Rope)
10/26/96:  Lumberjaks (Jake & Jak Molsonn) beat Hardened Steel (Dan Steel & Steve Smyth, 
              managed by Kattra) to win the vacant Top Rope Tag Team Titles, Hazleton, PA. 
3/08/97:   Love Connection (Sweet Daddy Jay Love & Georgie Love) beat Lumberjacks, Lebanon, PA
5/24/97:   Samoan Gangstas (LA Smooth & Matt E. Smalls) beat Love Connection, Hazleton, PA
     6/97:   (Samoan Gangstas are temporarily suspended, titles vacated)
6/28/97:   Siberian Express (Mad Russian & Russian Eliminator aka Danny Rose) beat Lumberjaks 
               & Love Connection
9/17/97:   Samoan Gangstas beat Siberian Express, Hazleton, PA 
3/27/98:   After a family feud, LA Smooth beat Matt E Smalls (loser leaves Top Rope) BELTS 
               VACANT, Hazleton, PA.
5/23/98:   Grungers (Gutterboy & Skank) beat Love Connection (Sweet Daddy Jay Love & Georgie
                Love)  in finals of a  tournament to crown new Top Rope Tag Team Champions.
     9/98:   Grungers were suspended, new tournament begins in Hazleton, PA
     *(Between the 11/7/98 and 11/28/98 shows, TOP ROPE became WXW)

              WXW TAG TEAM TITLE
2/20/99:   Wild Things (Arick Von Erick & Vincent Goodnite) win WXW World Tag Team Tournament,
               Hazleton, PA
  4/03/99:  Latin Hit Squad (Nuisance & Puerto Rican Chile) beat Vincent Goodnite & Sweet Daddy
              Jay Love (substituting for Arick Von Erick), after Sweet Daddy Jay Love turns against his          
              partner, Hazleton, PA
  4/24/99:  Wild Things beat Latin Hit Squad to regain titles, Mountainville, PA
  7/11/99:  Latin Hit Squad beat Wild Things to regain titles, Allentown, PA (Sportsfest99)
  9/17/99:  American Hunk Society (Mark The Body & Smooth Tommy Suede) beat Latin Hit Squad &
               Grungers in a  3way match to win titles, Allentown, PA
  2/05/00:  Old School (Mad Russian & Salvatore Bellomo) beat American Hunk Society, Hazleton, PA
  4/07/00:  Latin Hit Squad beat Mad Russian & Jak Molsonn (substituting for Bellomo), Hazleton, PA
  6/02/00:  American Hunk Society beat Latin Hit Squad & Old School, 3way match, Hazleton, PA
  7/07/00:  The Showstoppers (Lucifer Grimm & Afa Jr) beat Smooth Tommy Suede & Kevin The 
               Behemoth (substituting for Mark The Body) & Latin Hit Squad, 3way, Plymouth, PA
  7/08/00:  American Hunk Society over Showstoppers, Phillipsburg, NJ
  7/09/00:  Latin Hit Squad over American Hunk Society, Allentown, PA (Sportsfest 00)
10/15/00:  Moondogs 2000 (Wenzel & Molsonn) beat Latin Hit Squad, Allentown, PA (TV Taping).
  1/09/01:  Latin Hit Squad beat Moondogs, Allentown, PA (TV Taping, air date 1/14/00)
  5/27/01:  New Jersey Hit Squad (Monsta & Mafia Mack) beat Latin Hit Squad, (Memorial Madness         
               TV Allentown PA)
  7/13/01:  Moondogs beat Hit Squad, Allentown, PA (Sportsfest 01).  Moondog Grimm becomes a
               member of the team (but not recognized as a tag title holder)
  8/17/01:  Neil n' Bob upset Moondogs (with help from Twin Tackles), Hazleton, PA.
10/12/01:  Twin Tackles (Gene Snisky & Rob Harper) beat Bob n' Weave (substituting for Neil),                
                McKeesport, PA
10/13/01:  Commissioner Lotto Money rules that Weave wasn't a Tag Champion, so his pinfall didn't         
               change titles. 
10/13/01:  Twin Tackles beat Neil n' Bob, Hazleton PA
2/10/02:   Da Hit Squad (Monsta & Mafia Mack) beat Twin Tackles, Allentown, PA (Rage TV Taping)
7/12/02:  Big Dawg Molsonn & Big Poppa Pete beat Da Hit Squad, Allentown, PA (Sportsfest 02)
7/20/02:  Philthy Phil is allowed to substitute for Big Poppa Pete in a title defense, Hazleton, PA
10/20/02: Big Poppa Pete turns against Big Dawg Molsonn, resulting in the titles being vacated,
             Bethlehem, PA
11/24/02: Supreme Lee Great & Smooth Tommy Suede beat Los Lunatics       
             (Eddie Guapo & Low Ryda) in a match to determine new Tag Team Champions, Allentown, PA
   1/4/03: Moondogs defeat SLG & Suede by pin in Bethlehem, PA.
   3/8/03: Los Lunatics beat Moondogs, Hazleton, PA
  7/11/03: Double Threat beat Lunatics, Allentown, PA
  9/14/03: Double Threat are stripped of titles for failing to defend in 30 days.
10/19/03:  All Money Is Legal beat Los Lunatics in best of 5 series to win titles, Sciota,PA
  1/9/04: Untouchables (Anthony Michaels & Mark Gore) beat AMIL & All-Knighters, Sciota, PA.
3/12/04: Sugaa & Nuisance beat Untouchables, Sciota, PA
  5/29/04: Untouchables beat Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for titles which were vacated in Nuisance's                             absence, Sciota, PA
7/31/04: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (EC Negro & KC Blade) beat Untouchables, Bushkill, PA
8/28/04: Untouchables beat EC Negro (with KC Blade sidelined for 8-12 months with back & neck injury),               Sciota, PA
10/29/04: CJ O'Doyle & Cabbie beat Untouchables in a Sciota Street Fight for Tag Titles, Sciota, PA
1/14/05: Greg Matthews & Kevin Matthews won a 4way over CJ O'Doyle & Sinister X (substituting for                      Cabbie), AMIL, and Havoc & Guapo, Sciota, PA
4/03/05: Untouchables beat Matthews Cousins, Allentown, PA
7/09/05: Tonic & The Dynamic Sensation beat Untouchables, Bushkill, PA

    *(In late 2004, WXW began a Florida division, shortly after creating a Tag Team Title to                 represent the area)
8/21/04: Ron Fargo & Synn beat Untouchables, who entered the match as Champions, Milton, FL


            WXW TV TITLE
11/26/00:  Showtime Shane Black beats Smooth Tommy Suede in tournament final,
              Allentown, PA.
1/09/01:  Afa Jr beats Shane Black, ladder match, Allentown, PA (TV taping, air date 1/14/01).
9/29/02:  Afa Jr stripped of title due to having Heavyweight Title simultaneously. Tournament begins,
10/19/02: Havoc pins Wenzel in tournament final, Bethlehem, PA
  5/16/03: Tommy Suede beats Havoc, Fountain Hill, PA
  9/14/03: Havoc pins Tommy Suede, Fountain Hill, PA
11/16/03:  Slyk Wagner Brown beat Havoc, Fountain Hill, PA
  2/13/04: TV Title is held up following a double-pin in a mixed tag match pitting Slyk Wagner Brown &                      April Hunter against Tommy Suede & Ariel.
3/12/04: Tommy Suede beats Slyk Wagner Brown in 2/3 fall match for vacant title, Sciota, PA
7/11/04: Tommy Suede vacates title due to injury, Sciota, PA
7/11/04: Boogalou beats Cabbie, Kevin Matthews, and Guapo in elimination match for vacant title,
             Sciota, PA
10/29/04: EC Negro beat Boogalou for title, Sciota, PA.


         WXW HARDCORE TITLE (Inactive)
1/14/00: Billy Owens (Lucifer Grimm) pins Mad Russian to win Inaugural Hardcore Title, Plymouth, PA
2/05/00: Afa Jr pins Grimm, Hazleton, PA
3/25/00: Grimm pins Afa Jr, Allentown, PA
6/02/00: Moondog Wenzel pins Grimm, Hazleton, PA
2/11/01: Brooklyn Assassin Nicky Ice wins battle royal in Allentown, PA for vacated title
2/11/01: Smooth Tommy Suede pins Brooklyn Assassin Nicky Ice outside the Days Inn,
             Allentown, PA.
2/11/01: Nicky Ice pins Tommy Suede moments later to regain title outside the Days Inn,
             Allentown, PA.
2/24/01: Supreme Lee Great substitutes for Nicky Ice to defend the title against Lucifer Grimm,
            but ends up winning the belt after Ice interferes and gets pinned, Hazleton, PA.
            Decision Overturned:  (It is ruled that Ice wasn't actually a participant in the match, so he                         couldn't have been pinned to lose the title)
4/08/01: Latin Xplosion pins Nicky Ice, Allentown, PA (Hell's Fury TV Taping)
5/27/01: Lucifer Grimm pins Latin Xplosion, Allentown, PA (Memorial Madness TV Taping)
6/17/01: Mad Russian pins Lucifer Grimm, Allentown, PA (Dead Man Walking TV Taping)
8/17/01: Malachi beats Mad Russian & Billy Dream (who was pinned), Hazleton, PA.
12/15/01: Eric "The Star" Cobian beats Malachi, Hazleton, PA
12/15/01: Malachi beats Eric "The Star" Cobian in a rematch the same night, Hazleton, PA.
1/04/02: Jersey Devil pins Malachi, but returns the belt to WXW, saying he doesn't want it,
             Hazleton, PA.
  4/21/02: Inferno pins Malachi outside the arena, Allentown, PA
  4/21/02: Malachi pins Inferno to regain the belt in the ring, Allentown, PA
  6/02/02: Afa Jr pins Malachi, Bethlehem, PA
  6/02/02: Sugaa pins Afa Jr, Bethlehem, PA
  6/02/02: Afa Jr pins Sugaa, Bethlehem, PA
  6/02/02: Sugaa pins Afa Jr, Bethlehem, PA
  6/02/02: Malachi pins Sugaa, Bethlehem, PA
  7/12/02: Sugaa pins Malachi, Allentown, PA (Sportsfest 02).
4/26/03: Crazy Ivan beats Boogalou for vacated title, Hazleton, PA
7/11/03: Jayson beats Boogalou & Crazy Ivan, Allentown, PA
8/11/03: Hardcore Title is vacated by Jayson, due to not being defended within 30 days.  Shortly after, the               Hardcore Title is declared Temporaraly Inactive.

Since 1996, Kattra reigned as Champion, defeating such stars as Luna Vachon, Sherri Martel,           Heidi Lee Morgan, Nasty Angel, Rusty Foxx, Sweet Destiny (aka Little Jeannie), Missy Hyatt and      Nicole Bass.
  *Between the 11/7/98 and 11/28/98 shows, TOP ROPE became WXW

10/15/00: Kattra's last title defense (beating Little Jeannie) before injury, Allentown, PA
3/09/01: BellaDawna beats Jessica Dally for vacated title, Hazleton, PA
6/02/02: BellaDawna was stripped of the title, Bethlehem, PA.
7/11/03: Cindy Rogers wins battle royal for vacant title, Allentown, PA
12/19/03: April Hunter pins Cindy Rogers, Sciota, PA.
2/13/04: Women's Title is held up following a double pin in a mixed tag match pitting April Hunter & Slyk                Wagner Brown against Ariel & Tommy Suede.
5/29/04: Talia wins battle royal for vacant title, Sciota, PA
7/08/05: Mercedes Martinez beats Talia, Allentown, PA


12/11/04: Moonshiners (Debbie Sue & Tallulah Rae) win a 4-way match against Krissy Vaine & Amber                      O'Neal, Cindy Rogers & Alicia, and Luscious Lily & Simply Luscious, to become the first-ever                   WXW Women's Tag Team Champions, Sciota, PA
  2/27/05: The Big Unit (Cindy Rogers & Alicia) defeat the Moonshiners, Mountainville, PA.  The match
              was restarted after Talia alerted ref that a chair was used, but the Championship Committee let
               the original decision stand.

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