Top Rope Productions was formed by 3 time WWE (formerly known as the WWF ) Tag Team champion Afa The Wild Samoan, in 1996.  However its roots date back as early as the 1970's, when he ran the Trans World Wrestling Federation and  the first ever Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Center, in Pensacola FL.  Since the early days of pre-Top Rope and the official formation in 96, Top Rope has expanded into one of the top indies in pro wrestling today.  Several Wild Samoan schools have opened, WXW took the wrestling world by storm, overseas tours delivered the action to far away places and even the Ladies got their taste of the glory with the formation of the WXW Women's League.  Below are sections that will describe in detail the history and accomplishments of Top Rope and all who have worked hard to make this company what it is today.

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