Top Rope Productions           Awards 2004
The 7th Annual  WXW Awards Results.    Sunday, November 7th,  Allentown, PA
      (All Awards: Trophies, Plaques and Medals are in order of presentation)


In Appreciation for his support of WXW in 2004:
Rick Grady

Eric Shaffer

Sammy C

Editing Team:
Matt Burd

Ethan Cramer

Ringside Physician:
Dr. Frank Romascavage

TV Commentator:
Doc Daniels

TV Commentator:
The Bald Guy

Tiny Tim


Most Hearted:
Luscious Lily

Most Likeable:

Match of the Year:
Sugaa vs. Havoc

Rookie of the Year:
Jeff "The Future" Coleman

Most Hated:
Rob Dimension

Man of the Year:
Tommy Suede

Referee of the Year:
Jason Lesher

Woman of the Year:
Alere Little Feather

Babe of the Year:

Athlete of the Year:
Jeff "the Future" Coleman

Most Improved:

Most Popular:
The Dynamic Sensation

Stiffest Wrestler:

Most Feared:
Sinister X

Heavyweight of the Year:
Mana the Polynesian Warrior

Manager of the Year:
Rob Dimension

Cruiserweight of the Year:
Low Ryda

Gimmick of the Year:
Frankie V

Comeback of the Year:
CJ O'Doyle

Most Dedicated Woman:
Cindy Rogers

Tag Team of the Year:
The Untouchables

Most Dedicated Man:
Supreme Lee Great

Wrestler of the Year:

Wild Samoan Training Center Most Dedicated Student:
Joe Muraco

Wild Samoan Training Center Student of the Year:

WXW Most Prestigious:
Doc Daniels

                              Medals of recognition for loyalty and service to WXW:

Mike Flyte
Eddie Guapo
Drew Blood
Referee Jimmy Hayes
Kris Chambers
Officer Mercy
Yukon Jack
RF Video
Trainees and friends and relatives of the wrestlers in attendance
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