Top Rope Productions           Awards 2003
The 6th Annual  WXW Awards Results.    Sunday, November 2nd,  Allentown, PA
      (All Awards: Trophies, Plaques and Medals are in order of presentation)

WSTC Most Dedicated Student:
Justin Snyder

WSTC Student of the Year:
Demitri Buck

WXW Rookie of the Year:
The Dynamic Sensation

WSTC Trainer of the Year:
Smooth Tommy Suede

WXW Woman of the Year:
Cindy Rogers

WXW Cruiserweight of the Year:
Supreme Lee Great

WXW Athlete of the Year:
Eddie Guapo

WXW Most Hearted:
Alere Little Feather

WXW Manager of the Year:
Frankie V

WXW Most Likeable:
April Hunter

WXW Referee of the Year:
Johnny Bellswinger, accepted posthumously by his father

WXW Most Hated:
Dylan Dean

WXW Most Athletic:
Ariel (Ana, the wrestler)

WXW Most Improved:
Mark Gore

WXW Comeback of the Year:
Reno, the Black Pearl

WXW Tag Team of the Year:
All Money Is Legal

WXW Most Hardcore:

WXW Most Dedicated:
Anthony Michaels

WXW Most Dedicated:

WXW Heavyweight of the Year:
X-Treme Billy Dream

WXW Most Feared:
Gene Snisky

WXW Most Hearted:

WXW Gimmick of the Year:

WXW Stiffest Wrestler:

WXW Strong Man of the Year:
Gene Snisky

WXW Match of the Year:
Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Homicide

WXW Wrestler of the Year:
Puerto Rican Hurricane Havoc

WXW Babe of the Year:
Jessica Dally

WXW Man of the Year:
Sammy C

WXW Most Popular:
Mana the Polynesian Warrior

WXW Most Prestigious:
Scott Matthews

WXW Webmaster of the Year:
Sammy C

WXW Filming/Editing Award:
Amy Jackson, Sean Diec

WXW TV Color Commentator:
Bald Guy

WXW TV Color Commentator:
Mark Clemson

WXW Internet Commentator:
Kiki Blaze

WXW Ring Announcer:
Doc Daniels

WXW Photographer: Eric Shaffer

WXW Commissioner: BellaDawna

Medals of recognition for loyalty and service to WXW:
Andrew Milano
referee Mia Angel
Ariel (manager,Erin)
Referee Sean Hanson
John (security)
referee Jason Lesher
Kevin (security)
Low Ryda
referee Matt Timlin
trainee Mike Flyte
Luscious Lily
Nick Destiny
Rob Anthony
trainee Stephanie
Timekeeper Tiny Tim
security/trainee Toa
LA Smooth
Samantha Anoai
Tovale Anoai
Lance Anoai

For help and support with USO's Foundation:
John Keuffer

Appreciation for all he's done for WXW:
Dr. Frank Romascavage

Special presentation:
Leo & Cynthia continued the tradition of presenting Afa with a painting.
This year's was a portrait of "Mom & Pops" Afa & Lynn.

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