Top Rope Productions           Awards 2002
The 5th Annual  WXW Awards Results. Sunday, December 1  Allentown, PA

WXW Wrestler of the Year

Wild Samoan Training Center Student of the Year
The Dynamic Sensation

Wild Samoan Training Center Most Dedicated
Jason Dougherty

WXW Manager of the Year
Frankie Fuji

WXW Referee of the Year
Sean Hanson

WXW Rookie of the Year

WXW Comeback of the Year
Showtime Shane Black
Supreme Lee Great

WXW Tag Team of the Year
Los Lunatics

WXW Cruiserweight Of the Year

WXW Match of the Year
Sugaa vs Malachi (Sportsfest '02 Tables Match)

Most Heart
Poppa Pete

Most Athletic
Zero Gravity

Most Popular
Samoan Storm Afa Jr

WXW Hardcore Wrestler of the Year

WXW Best Gimmick
Hollywood Studs

WXW Athlete of the Year
Gene Snisky

Strongman of the Year
Lord Ferguson

WXW Stiffest Wrestler of the Year
Crazy Ivan

WXW Man of the Year
Moondog Wenzel

WXW Woman of the Year

WXW Heavyweight of the Year

Most Hated
Dylan Dean

Most Feared

Most Prestigious
Moondog Molsonn

Production Awards
Scott Matthews:  Ring Announcer
Eric Shaffer:  Ring Announcer, Photographer, and News Team
Kiki Blaze:  Internet Commentator
Mark Clemson:  Rage TV Commentator
The Bald Guy:  Rage TV Commentator
Mike Mittman:  Rage TV Commentator
Jessica Dally:  Rage TV Host
Bill Apter:  Commissioner
Amy Jackson:  Videographer
Pat Walsh:  Videographer
Angela Sabot:  Videographer
Sammy C:  Webmaster and Most Dedicated
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