Top Rope Productions           Awards 2000
The 3rd Annual  WXW Awards Results.       Sat, Nov 18 Allentown, PA

WXW Wrestler of the Year
Zero Gravity

Wild Samoan Student of the Year
Nicky Ice & Xtreme Billy Dream

WXW Most Dedicated
Dawn Fisher

WXW Manager of the Year
Tommy Fierro

WXW Valet of the Year

WXW Most Improved

Referee of the Year
Nick the Bruiser

WXW Fan of the Year
Amy Miller

WXW Most Popular
Tommy Suede

WXW Best Dressed

WXW Cruiserweight
Supreme Lee Great

WXW Strongest Man
James O'Hara "The Beast"

WXW Outstanding Wrestler of the Year
Judas Young

WXW Woman Wrestler of the Year

WXW Heavyweight of the Year
LA Smooth

WXW Most Hated

WXW Best Gimmick
Sammy the Freak

WXW Tag Team of the Year
The Moondogs 2000

WXW Rookie of the Year 2000
Xtreme Billy Dream

WXW Most Prestigious
Salvadore Bellomo

WXW Hardcore of the Year
Lucifer Grimm

WXW Most Feared Wrestler
Mad Russian

WXW Athlete of the Year
Showtime Shane Black

WXW Mouth of the Year
Supreme Lee Great

WXW Comeback of the Year
Alex The Slug

WXW Match of the Year
Afa Jr & Lucifer Grimm (Cage match)

WXW Announcer of the Year
Eric Shaffier

WXW All Around Most Hearted
Latin Explosion

WXW Booker of the Year


WXW Webmaster
Rosh Kosh

WXW Internet Commentator
Mark Clemson & Bald Guy

In Appreciation to the WXW President
Eddie Vetrano

In Appreciation to WXW Attorney
Vito Sciancalepore

WXW Reporters
Josh Pontrell
Mark Clemson

WXW Promoter
Tommy Labarge

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