Top Rope Productions           Awards 1999
The 2nd Annual  WXW Awards Results. Saturday,  Nov 6      Allentown, PA

WXW Wrestler of the Year
Kale (Shane Black)

WSTC Student of the Year
Rip Tide

WXW Most Dedicated Wrestler
George Anthony

WXW Manager of the Year
Dylan Dean

WXW Most Improved
Steve Hill

WXW Referee of the Year
Sammy C

WXW Fans of the Year
Mr & Mrs Master

WXW Most Popular
Samoan Storm Afa Jr.

WXW Cruiserweight of the Year
Tommy Suede

WXW Woman of the Year

WXW Heavyweight of the Year
Hungarian Barbarian

WXW Most Hated
Sweet Daddy Jay Love

WXW Best Gimmick
The Prophet

WXW Tag Team of the Year 1999
The Latin Hit Squad

WXW Rookie of the Year 1999
Mark The Body

WXW Most Prestigious Award
Eddie Vetrano

WXW Hardcore of the Year 1999
Jak Molsonn

WXW Most Feared Wrestler 1999
Lucifer Grimm

WXW Athete of the Year 1999
Afa Jr

WXW Comeback of the Year
The Wild Thing
Chicago Heat

WXW Match of the Year 1999
Samu vs Lucifer Grimm (Steel Cage) Managed by The Prophet

WXW Announcer of the Year 1999
Ben Zeik
Adam Skuba

WXW All Around Most Dedicated


In Appreciation from the Wild Samoan Training Center for
Trainer of the year 1999
Lloyd Anoai

In Appreciation to the WXW President  for all your Support
Mr. Eddie Vetrano

In Appreciation  from the Wild Samoan Training Center 1999
Salvadore Bellomo

In Appreciation from WXW as Webmaster of 1999
Rosh Koch

In Appreciation from WXW for all your help Assistance in filming our events
Dawn Fisher
Frank Pacheco
David Keith

In Appreciation from WXW as Photographer
Dan Moyer

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