written by Eric Shaffer, WXW news team

    On Wednesday, September 26th, an ominous
-looking figure walked towards the Wild Samoan
Training Center in Allentown.  However, as he
approached, he was greeted by a warm welcome
of familiar faces and friends.   The man, known
known as Leviathan in OVW was a graduate of the
WSTC, coming back to visit his trainer, Afa the
Wild Samoan.  A few month later he would finally
debut in WWE as Deacon Bautista.
    Let's take a look back at the road this
young up & coming superstar took to get here,
and some of the matches he's had since then:

7/11/99  At Sportsfest, WWF wrestler Gillberg issued an open challenge, which   
was quickly and quietly accepted by a yet to be named wrestler, who              squashed Gillberg in seconds before heading back to the locker room as           mysteriously as he arrived.

10/16/99  LA Smooth beat Glen Osbourne by disqualification after Tommy Fierro    interfered with a chair to Smooth. LA went towards Fierro to                     retaliate, but was chaired by Jack Molsonn.  The massive wrestler
once again ran out from the locker room and cleaned house, fighting
off Osbourne, and chokeslamming Molsonn.

10/30/99  As Kahn, he made his WXW debut, pinning Southtown Joe.

11/27/99  Kahn pinned Oxx Hogg in another show of strength & skills.

12/10/99  In a battle Royale at Allentown, P.A.  (Mountainville Hall) WXW took   on ISPW.  In the end, Kahn picked up the Silver Shadow and used him as           a weapon to eliminate the remaining ISPW members.  Afterwards Kahn               stepped through the ropes, giving the win to the Silver Shadow and               team WXW. 

2/5/00  Kahn beat Jake Daniels by disqualification when Oxx Hogg & Showtime      Shane Black interfered.  Silver Shadow appeared on the scene and was             ready to help out Kahn, but before any longterm plans were made, Kahn            was scooped up by WWF talent scouts and sent to the developmental                territory Ohio Valley Wrestling.

7/15/00  Kahn, now called Leviathan, debuted on OVW TV, as an unstoppable force  helping the Disciples of Synn.

10/13/00  Leviathan successfully tangled with The Big Show at OVW's "Night of    The Demon".

12/13/00  Leviathan beat Kane in an impressive outing at an OVW supercard.
1/1/01  Leviathan & Big Russ McCullough fought to a no contest vs Big Show &     NCAA's Brock Lesnar.

1/31/01  Leviathan was handed his first loss, chokeslammed by Kane after a       Stone Cold Stunner by Steve Austin.

5/15/01  Leviathan beat Nick Dinsmore in a dark (non-televised tryout) match at  WWF Television tapings.

6/27/01  Undertaker & Kane beat Leviathan & Diamond Dallas Page by DQ in OVW.
8/22/01  Leviathan ran in for a post-match brawl after Mark Henry & Randy Orton  beat Payne & Damien.

9/19/01  Leviathan clears the ring after a tag team match in OVW. 
9/26/01  Leviathan returned to the Wild Samoan Training Center.  He spent some   time in the ring with students and graduates of the WSTC, lending his            valuable experience to help in their careers, just as Afa taught him.

10/27/01  Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin & Val Venis beat Payne, Damien &        Leviathan (pinned by Venis) in OVW

10/24/01  Leviathan pinned Val Venis at OVW TV Taping.

10/31/01  Leviathan pinned David Flair at OVW TV Taping. 

11/28/01  Leviathan beat The Machine for OVW Title.

12/15/01  Leviathan beat Bull Buchanan in defense of OVW Title.

1/16/02  Leviathan pinned D'Lo Brown in defense of OVW Title.
2/6/02 Leviathan pinned Sean O'Haire in defense of OVW Title.
2/13/02  Leviathan pinned Mark Jindrak in defense of OVW Title.
2/20/02  The Prototype pinned Leviathan for OVW Title after assistance by        Jerome Crony with an ether soaked rag.

3/3/02  Leviathan beat The Prototype by DQ.

3/30/02  Tojo Yamamoto Memorial Show: Leviathan destroyed Bruiser Graham. 
David Flair eliminated Leviathan & Jerry Lawler to win a battle royal.           Leviathan choke slammed Flair and gave him the jackknife powerbomb.              Jim Cornette & Synn took shots at Flair. Lawler saved Flair by                   punching Leviathan. Leviathan wanted more but Cornette pulled him
out. A tag match was signed for 4/6.

4/17/02  Leviathan pinned Sean O'Haire.

5/1/02  EZ Money beat Leviathan by DQ as Synn was caught with mace, used to      prevent Prototype's interference.

5/8/02  Leviathan pinned Sean O'Haire.

5/9/02  Deacon Bautista (formerly Leviathan) debuted in the corner of D'Von      Dudley on WWE Smackdown, playing a crucial role in the outcome of the            match. 

    Before he was Deacon Bautista in World Wrestling Entertainment, and even before he was Leviathan in Ohio Valley Wrestling.....he was Kahn, a man who began his wrestling career right here in Top Rope Productions, in a school called the Wild Samoan Training Center and in a promotion called World Xtreme Wrestling.....
Silver Shadow finds a new ally in Kahn, December 1999.  Unfortunately for the Shadow, Kahn shortly leaves for OVW
Kahn makes his debut at Sportsfest 99, shocking everyone by coming out of nowhere to slam Gillberg
Kahn joins OVW in 2000.  As Leviathan, he battled top superstars, such as Kane
Now known as Deacon Bautista, he finally makes his debut in the WWE.